Calicia White, ACLU of Arizona, Director of People and Culture


Director of People and Culture



Calicia White is a well-versed professional with over twenty years of management services including human resource solutions, program management, and health services management.  In her tenure, Ms. White has been able to create and implement effective HR/People policies, procedures, and strategies.  Her ongoing dedication to healthy workplace environments gives her a strong foundation in ethical, legal, and HR/People practices and behaviors.  Ms. White is truly dedicated to ensuring optimal people outcomes and is always proud to serve as a resource for the largest capital resource at every organization – its people.  Ms. White strives to help everyone become their healthiest, optimal self daily.  She’s been an ongoing active community member serving on several boards, committees, ad hoc committees, and booster clubs that work to increase disproportionately underserved, underheard, undervalued communities.