ACLU of Arizona Strategic Plan 2022-2025

April 7, 2023

With a shifting political landscape, a debilitating global pandemic, and a long-overdue reckoning of this nation’s deeply rooted racism, the time for us to enact positive, lasting change is now. To handle these challenges, we set out to develop a framework for the next four years that will help guide our work and impact our direction. 

Our strategic plan framework will allow us to advance equity and dismantle systemic injustice while also remaining nimble enough to respond to changing community needs. By sharpening and recalibrating our compass, we can take power away from those who benefit from inequity and exploitation and place it in the hands of those who believe in the inherent dignity and equality of rights of all Arizonans. 

This is a bold and dynamic plan that redefines the organization’s vision we are working towards, the mission of the organization to achieve that vision, and the path—or theory of change—that guides our strategies to accomplish our goals. Together, we also identified the organization’s core values that will be infused in everything we do and who we are. 

This is an aspirational plan, but with your support we will achieve our mission to protect the civil rights, liberties, and dignity of all Arizonans.  

Our 2022 - 2025 strategic priorities are: 

Center Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (EDIB) Throughout our Organization 

Build Organizational Capacity to Advance Change Proactively 

Deepen Our Role in Arizona’s Social Change Movements 

Strengthen Philanthropy to Engage in Our Community in Meaningful Giving  

The below strategic plan will be implemented to help guide the actions of the Board of Directors, executive leadership, and staff. Together, we will pursue our vision of an Arizona where all people prosper, thrive, and live in liberation with dignity and freedom.