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April 22, 2021

PHOENIX, AZ - The ACLU of Arizona is urging Gov. Doug Ducey to veto SB 1457—a dangerous bill that will restrict access to abortion and criminalize doctors for providing necessary medical care. SB 1457 narrowly made it out of the House (31-29) and Senate (16-14) and now heads to Gov. Ducey’s desk for his signature – or veto.

"The decision to have a child is too important to leave to politicians. That's why abortion is a constitutional right. It’s critical for people to be able to access abortion if and when they need care," said Darrell Hill, policy director for the ACLU of Arizona. "Threatening doctors with felony charges for providing care is dangerous. This law will have a chilling impact on a person’s relationship with their doctor and will make it harder for a person to have honest and informed conversations with their health provider."

Attacks on reproductive freedom are happening at an alarmingly high rate. This year alone, lawmakers across the country have introduced over 500 anti-abortion provisions and enacted at least eight anti-abortion laws.

"SB 1457 is a blatant attempt to push abortion care out of reach under the guise of protecting people with disabilities," said Ruth Harlow, senior staff attorney at the ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project. "Let’s be clear — this bill does nothing to address the ableism or discrimination that people with disabilities face in health care, education, and housing. Instead, it only exploits the struggle for disability rights in a shameful attempt to further these lawmakers own anti-abortion agenda and increases barriers to essential health care. Gov. Ducey must veto."