The ACLU and the Center for Reproductive Rights have filed an emergency motion today - on behalf of two Arizona physicians, the Arizona Medical Association, National Council of Jewish Women Arizona, and the Arizona National Organization of Women -  in the district court to ensure that abortion is still legal and available in Arizona.

While multiple state statues recognize that it is legal to provide and obtain an abortion in Arizona, a vague “personhood requirement” that classifies fetuses and embryos as people starting at the point of conception could put medical providers and pregnant people at risk of arbitrary criminal prosecution. The ACLU and partners originally challenged this “personhood requirement” last year and though the judge issued an injunction on the “reason ban” portion, it failed to do so for the “personhood requirement.” 

The following is a quote from Jared Keenan, Legal Director for the ACLU of Arizona:

“Following the Supreme Court’s devastating decision to overturn Roe, providers in Arizona have been forced to suspend medical abortion services in fear that they can face arrest and prosecution. Arizona’s vague “personhood requirement” is just another law that was recklessly crafted by anti-abortion politicians in their quest to push abortion out of reach. That’s why the ACLU and partners are urging a federal court to ensure that this overbroad provision cannot be used to block access to abortion. Until the court acts, the uncertainty in the law will cause providers to suspend abortion services and could put the lives of pregnant people in Arizona at risk.”

More information can be found on the case page