For the past two years, we’ve seen an onslaught of unlawful and downright dangerous attacks on our voting rights — and some Arizona politicians have led the charge in peddling falsehoods and lies about the 2020 election. From conducting a sham audit that has cost taxpayers almost $5 million, to lawsuits attempting to dismantle Arizona’s vote-by-mail system, it is a critical time for our democracy.  

Instead of strengthening our elections systems and ensuring equal access to the ballot, these attacks have further fueled lawmakers to introduce harmful legislation that would make it difficult for many to exercise their right to vote. We’ve fought back in the courts and at the Capitol but it’s clear that we must do more. That’s why we’ve joined the grassroots effort to demand change and are supporting the Fair Elections Act – an ambitious statewide voters’ initiative that will: 

  • Eliminate voting barriers created by our state lawmakers 
  • Ensure equal access to voting, and 
  • Protect our vote from partisan interference. 

The Fair Elections Act will make voter registration more accessible and accurate, protect the right to vote by mail, and gives people more time and options for voting, among other protections. This is a transformational moment for Arizona and the time for change is now. To that end, the ACLU of Arizona has invested $250,000 in this initiative, with the possibly of contributing more, because we believe that powerful change comes from our communities. And it will take all of us to get there.   

The Fair Elections Act campaign is currently collecting signatures to put this citizen initiative on the November general election ballot. Here are ways you can help: 

On June 11, the initiative is holding a statewide Democracy Day across Arizona. We encourage those interested in the initiative to participate in an event, learn more, and get involved. Only together will we be able to pass this historic initiative and show politicians that we will not stand for any more attempts to curb our voting rights. Together, we can strengthen our democracy and protect the rights of all.