Arizona has long been a hotbed for voter suppression and election interference, with hundreds of anti-democracy bills filed in the state legislature year after year. For many years, the ACLU of Arizona has been actively combating these threats through advocacy, coalition work, and litigation. 

With million of registered voters in the state of Arizona, 2020 saw a historic level of voter turn-out – close to 80% of Arizona voters exercised the most fundamental right in our democracy. However, over the past election cycles, officials in Arizona have led election conspiracy theories locally and nationally. So many of the attacks on voting rights in our state can and do impact every voter and potential voter in the state of Arizona. However, these attacks usually disproportionately affect the most marginalized voters including young people, low income and rural communities, Indigenous communities, voters of color, and people with disabilities. In many cases, these communities are intentionally targeted as a means to lessen their political power and chip away at their right to vote. 

To combat attacks on our democracy, the ACLU of Arizona actively monitors and defends voting rights. Through legal analysis, advocacy, collaboration, and public awareness campaigns, we aim to ensure that all eligible voters have the resources and information they need to participate in the democratic process.