Thank you for taking action and recognizing the value and importance of our Constitution, especially now in the streets of Tucson.

Here is a sample letter to send to Mayor Walkup and Tucson City Council Members.  They need to hear your voice in order to send a strong message to City Attorney Michael Rankin.


As someone who deeply values the Constitution, I strongly urge you to encourage Tucson City Attorney Michael Rankin to do two important things:

•  Drop charges against protesters arrested during Occupy Tucson activities
•  Allow Tucsonans to use public space—supported by their own tax dollars—to exercise their core constitutional rights to free speech and peaceable assembly

As you know, this movement has reached hundreds of communities around the world.  As Americans, our rights to free speech and assembly are guaranteed in our nation’s most essential founding document.  Whether we agree with the Occupy protesters or not, these individuals are exercising their constitutional rights and must not be penalized for doing so. 

The best way to ensure that these protests are conducted safely is to ensure that the protesters’ constitutional rights are protected, not threatened.  Other cities around the country have recognized as much.  Tucson needs to honor its long and honorable tradition of civic engagement by doing the same.

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Here is the contact information.

Mayor Bob Walkup 
Phone: (520)  791-4201

Council Member Regina Romero - Ward 1
Phone: (520)  791-4040

Council Member Paul Cunningham - Ward 2
Phone: (520) 791-4687

Vice Mayor/Council Member Karin Uhlich - Ward 3
Phone: (520)  791-4711

Council Member Shirley Scott - Ward 4
Phone: (520)  791-3199

Council Member Richard Fimbres - Ward 5
Phone: (520)  791-4231

Council Member Steve Kozachik - Ward 6
Phone: (520)  791-4601