Recommendations for Charter School Authorizers

  • Charter School Authorizers like the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools should not approve or renew any charter school application that contains illegal or exclusionary admissions or enrollment requirements, including:
  1. G.P.A. or other academic requirements or minimums
  2. A minimum level of English proficiency
  3. Questions regarding citizenship, immigration status, or country of birth of students or parents/guardians
  4. Questions about prior suspensions, arrest records, or disciplinary history other than expulsion
  5. Mandatory submission of Social Security numbers or birth certificates
  6. Pre-enrollment essays, tours, orientations or interviews
  7. Parent/guardian donation, volunteer or buyout requirements
  • Charter authorizers should audit, monitor, and otherwise investigate every charter school under their jurisdiction at least once a year to ensure that each school does not use any of the illegal admissions or enrollment requirements described in this report. If any schools are not in compliance, the authorizer should direct them to correct their policies. If schools do not make the appropriate corrections, the charter-revocation process should be initiated.
  • Disseminate a directive to all authorized charter schools informing them that they are not allowed to deny admission or dismiss students based on any of the discussed exclusionary practices. Such guidance should include the legal obligation of charter schools to enroll and serve all students pursuant to federal and state law.
  • Ensure parents and students have an easy way to file a complaint about unlawful or exclusionary enrollment policies or practices and that these complaints are investigated and resolved. The complaint process should be well publicized to students and parents.

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