COVID-19 is ravaging many parts of the United States, but nowhere more than in Black communities. Early data from all across the nation reveal that Black people are contracting and dying from the virus at far higher rates than whites. This disease threatens us all, but the Black community has seen the worst effects. We’re urging states and cities across the country to collect and release data so we may better protect all communities and identify those that are in particular need of support.

COVID-19 has exposed deep inequities rooted in governmental failings and bias at federal, state, and local levels but it has also resulted in widespread economic consequences. Protections must be put in place to guarantee that no individual or family faces the loss of their home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Actions the ACLU Has Taken

Q.Actions the ACLU Has Taken
  • We're urging Gov. Ducey and state health director Dr. Cara Christ to collect and release demographic data (including race/ethnicity data) of COVID-19 infections and deaths. 

  • We sent a letter to state officials urging their offices to issue or expand statewide moratoria against evictions, utility shut-offs, and commit to preventing mass evictions after the moratoria end. 

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