If you attended the Trump Protest outside the Phoenix Convention Center on August 22, 2017, your rights may be affected and you may be entitled to receive money from a federal class action lawsuit.

There is a federal civil rights lawsuit in the District Court of Arizona against the City of Phoenix, the Phoenix Police Chief, and other members of the Phoenix Police Department.

The Court has decided that this case can proceed as a class action. A class action is a lawsuit in which one or more people sue for themselves and for others who have similar claims. This notice has been published to tell you about your rights.

Who is part of this lawsuit? You are a part of this class action if you:

(1) Were in the Trump Protest area north of the Phoenix Convention Center which was designated as the “free-speech zone” (the area for anti-Trump protestors bordered to the south by Monroe Street, 2nd Street to the west, and 3rd Street to the east) on August 22, 2017;

(2) Did not throw objects or try to get through the “free-speech zone” barrier; AND

(3) Were forced out of the “free-speech zone” between 8:25 pm and 10:00 pm by the Phoenix Police Department’s use of force or other unlawful police activity.