PHOENIX--The ACLU of Arizona is a proud founding partner of Competitive Arizona, a coalition working towards equality for all Arizonans, including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

The ACLU of Arizona and the Competitive Arizona coalition do not support the incremental approach the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors took in revising the county’s personnel policies to include sexual orientation but not gender expression or identity. We support comprehensive approaches to non-discrimination policy updates that include all members of the LGBT community.

While today’s action is a step in the right direction, it still leaves current and future employees vulnerable. All people need to be able to earn a living, including transgender people. Employees should be judged on their qualifications, experience, and the job they do—nothing more, and nothing less.

Further, we know that policies that promote full inclusion are not only good for our community, but good for business and will help Maricopa County attract and retain top talent.

We look forward to continuing a dialogue with the Board of Supervisors about why full inclusion is so important, and hope to see an amendment to this policy in the near future that will ensure transgender county employees receive fair treatment at work.