PHOENIX – After weeks of unwarranted delay, the Arizona State Legislature successfully passed a full repeal of the state’s 1864 near-total abortion ban. Victoria López, director of program and strategy for the ACLU of Arizona, issued the following statement:  

“We are relieved that lawmakers have finally repealed this inhumane abortion ban — something extremist politicians refused to do for far too long. Unfortunately, cruel abortion bans like the law from 1864 have been at the center of political stunts for years, causing lasting harm to people who need abortions and their providers.  

“Without further court intervention, Arizonans may still lose access to abortion care for months despite this eleventh-hour repeal. Politicians should never have this much power over our bodies and healthcare decisions. Voters need and deserve to take their power back with the Arizona Abortion Access Act this November.”  

Today’s repeal will not take effect until 90 days after the legislative session adjourns. At that time, the total ban will be lifted. However, other abortion restrictions remain on the books, including a 15-week ban that criminalizes providers and does not provide protections for survivors of rape or patients with health risks. The ACLU of Arizona is firmly committed to supporting the Arizona Abortion Access Act, a ballot initiative to enshrine access to abortion in the state constitution.