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April 20, 2021

PHOENIX, AZ - Today, Governor Doug Ducey announced that he is deploying the National Guard to the Arizona border. Below is a statement from Yvette Borja, border litigation attorney for the ACLU of Arizona:

"Today's announcement is the latest in Governor Ducey's political ploy to depict a border 'crisis' when there is none," said Borja. "Let's be clear:  The Governor's actions do nothing more than further militarize our border communities and stoke unnecessary and unjustified fear."

Borja continued, "Under the Trump administration's cruel policies, our nation's asylum system was decimated creating a humanitarian crisis and endangering lives while violating people's right to seek safety in the U.S. If Governor Ducey really cared about the situation at the border, he would join the calls to restore asylum and to end deportations under Title 42."