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October 13, 2022

PHOENIX, Ariz. – The ACLU and ACLU of Arizona today announced a combined investment of $700,000 as part of their ongoing voter education efforts for key ballot races in the midterm election. The ACLU will invest $400,000 in the Arizona Secretary of State race and the ACLU of Arizona will highlight the importance of the Maricopa County Attorney race with a total spend of $300,000. The ACLU will leverage its nationwide footprint as well as deploy tools and resources, including direct mail, digital ads and on the ground organizing, to make sure voters know candidates’ position on key civil rights and liberties and can vote their values.  

Voters need to know where candidates stand on key issues. To understand candidate priorities, the ACLU of Arizona sent questionnaires to all candidates in the respective races. The Secretary of State candidates were asked about important electoral decisions that they would be tasked with. The Maricopa County Attorney candidates were asked their positions on prosecuting abortion providers and criminal justice reform. 

“Our most fundamental rights are under attack and Arizonans are ready to fight back. Being an informed voter is crucial. Our vote can send a clear message to elected officials that they must  reject extremist policies and stand with the majority of Arizonans who support civil rights and liberties for all, from  protecting abortion to defending democracy,” said Jennifer Allen, ACLU of Arizona Executive Director. “We’re working tirelessly to educate voters and urge them to make informed decisions at the polls this year.”

The ACLU is a nonpartisan organization and does not endorse or oppose candidates. The investment will go toward educating voters about the candidates’ policy positions.