Originally from the east coast, the Pratt family moved to Goodyear, Arizona eleven years ago with their four kids. Their seventeen-year-old son, Dylan, is a bisexual teen. 

Luckily, Dylan has widespread support from his family.  His parents, Camie and Bryan (pictured) both come from accepting families, with Camie’s older brother being gay and her mother being a part of the PFLAG Philadelphia.  Dylan’s Grandfather, his two younger sisters, and older brother are also his biggest advocates. 

After coming out as bisexual, Dylan began attending the Genders & Sexualities Alliance (GSA) club that he and his mom established. Dylan’s school, the Odyssey Institute, where his dad is the Principal, remains supportive of Dylan.

The Pratt family projects support and love to each other in all of their diversity. They believe in protection for all people to live their lives free from discrimination of sex, religion, and color.