Jonathan Clark is an IT Manager who identifies with Native Spirituality as his faith. Jonathan grew up on the San Carlos Apache Reservation in rural AZ. Identifying as gay, there was a lack of positive resources on his reservation that hindered his ability and desire to come out.

Eight years ago, Jonathan moved to Phoenix and joined the Native American PFLAG chapter, affectionately known as “Native PFLAG.” Native PFLAG allowed him to become a part of an inclusive community and provided him with the resources he had been looking for. He now focuses on teaching and providing support groups to Native American LGBTQ people and their families.

Jonathan knows the importance of equality in the workplace, school, and the community and how essential safe places are in every aspect of our lives. Knowing of stories of discrimination and abuse of his people, Jonathan travels to reservations to provide support to LGBTQ youth and individuals. Jonathan also travels the country giving Safe Space training to various reservations and tribal enterprises.