With the announcement from Governor Ducey and Superintendent Hoffman that schools will be closed through the remainder of the school year, the ACLU of Arizona’s Demand to Learn Campaign is working to inform school officials that all measures must be taken to minimize the impact of COVID-19 and find ways to support Arizona’s most vulnerable and underresourced students.

When schools close, parents and guardians need to make unexpected arrangements for childcare, students lose instructional time and school meals, and families lose access to other essential services their schools traditionally provide. It is essential that school administrators of all types — traditional district, charter, private, and alternative — find ways to maintain these services while addressing the public health concerns posed by the outbreak.

Visit the Arizona Department of Education's website to view resources for families

Actions Demand to Learn Has Taken

A.Actions Demand to Learn Has Taken

  • 04/21/20: The ACLU of Arizona signed onto a letter from the Native American Disability Law Center seeking to protect the rights of Native American students.
  • 04/10/20: The ACLU of Arizona signed onto a letter from the Arizona Disability Law Center seeking to protect the rights of students with disabilities following COVID-19 school closures.

Media Clippings

A.Media Clippings


ABC 15: Latino Students At Risk of Being Left Behind by Changes to The School System Due to COVID-19 

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