Across Arizona, students Demand to Learn but many are denied the opportunity because of exclusionary policies and practices in district and charter schools.

What’s the problem?

In Maricopa County

  • Latino students in charter high schools are SIX times more likely than their white peers to receive out-of-school suspensions.
  • African American students in charter high schools are EIGHT times more likely than their white peers to receive out-of-school suspensions.
  • Students with disabilities in elementary and middle schools are TWICE as likely as students without disabilities to receive in-school suspensions.
  • In district schools neighboring tribal communities, Native Americans students are up to TEN times more likely than their white peers to be suspended. 

What’s the ACLU doing to fix it?

The Demand to Learn campaign is focused on eliminating practices that disproportionately push children out of school or prevent them from enrolling. We're partnering with school leaders to develop model schools that are committed to increasing student retention by 2020.

Meanwhile, we're working with families, providing them with training and organizing opportunities so that they can advocate for reforms that will help children stay in school. We're also demanding changes at the state level, including better reporting and transparency about school disciplinary practices. 

How can I get involved?

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