The ACLU of Arizona generally does not accept or take cases in the areas listed below.

Is your complaint one of the following? 

  • Criminal defense
  • Complaints about attorneys, judges or probation officers
  • Challenge to conviction or prison sentence
  • Family law, child custody, divorce
  • Help with a deportation case or applications for a visa, green card, or citizenship
  • Landlord/tenant, housing or homeowner association issues
  • Employment dispute
  • Factual dispute (2 sides disagree on what happened)
  • Complaint against a private (non-government) individual or business
  • Denial of government benefits
  • Cases that are too old – usually older than 2 years
  • Cases from outside of Arizona

You may want to visit our Resources page for links to organizations in Arizona that may be able to help you with the issues listed above. 

If your complaint is not one of the above, or you believe your complaint involves a civil rights or civil liberties issue, go to our complaint form.