Angela LeFevre, a former Sedona city councilmember, has spent most of her life fighting against discrimination and prejudice.

LeFevre has always prided herself on judging people for who they are and not by what they look like, what religion they practice, or by their sexual orientation or gender identity. LeFevre understands what it is to be discriminated against. She remembers the negative comments she heard growing up when she walked to the synagogue on Saturdays.

LeFevre’s first chance to work for social justice was in politics as a member of the Labour Party in England, where she was born. When Angela moved to the United States as an adult, she was inspired by friends and co-workers to be an outspoken advocate for gay and transgender people.

One of her proudest moments was the passage of the Sedona Human Rights Ordinance, which ensures all people within the city, including gay and transgender people, are protected from discrimination in housing, employment, and commerce.