About People Power

People Power is a special project of the ACLU and a direct response to the Trump administration’s attacks on civil liberties and civil rights. Through the People Power platform, the ACLU is creating a local base of activists, members, and supporters working to advance the organization’s advocacy goals. People Power activists across the nation are using direct action tactics to defend our basic freedoms, drive positive change, and hold leaders accountable. These activists—speaking as engaged constituents—are adding a powerful new voice to the key debates facing their local communities and our nation.

A key objective for People Power is to support the ACLU's state-based affiliates. The platform is meant to support ACLU efforts though community organizing that can bring heightened visibility to ACLU initiatives. People Power activists are interested in a broad set of issues, including immigration, reproductive rights, shutting down private prisons, detention, criminal justice reform, education equity, LGBTQ rights, and beyond.

This page is your source for information on People Power in Arizona, including the Freedom Cities and #LetPeopleVote campaigns. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about People Power in Arizona. You can also find more information about People Power in Arizona on these pages:

People Power F.A.Q.

I am a volunteer for People Power. How should I introduce myself?
People Power is a campaign of ACLU National and state-based ACLU affiliates. Our vision for People Power is to create a strong base of volunteers, activists, and allies who help support and expand the on-going advocacy work of the ACLU. Please introduce yourself as a “member of People Power," “supporter of the ACLU of Arizona,” “volunteer for the ACLU or Arizona,” or “card-carrying supporter of the ACLU of Arizona."

Can I receive support from the ACLU of Arizona for events that I organize as part of People Power? 
There are various ways we can support your events. If you are interested in distributing ACLU of Arizona membership brochures, Know Your Rights wallet cards, stickers, buttons, or other items, please contact us via our web form and we will work with you to provide the resources we have available. The ACLU of Arizona may be able to provide other types of support, but the beautiful thing about People Power is that is led by you, the people!

How do I learn about marches or protests that are scheduled?  
Contact the ACLU of Arizona and we will post them to the events section of this website. People Power volunteers should also publicly post their events on the nationwide People Power map. You can also learn about events that the ACLU of Arizona is involved in by signing up for our Action Alerts, visiting our events page, and following us on Facebook and Twitter.

You can also join the email lists or Facebook groups of local People Power groups to find out about actions that are happening near you: People Power Phoenix, People Power North Phoenix-Scottsdale (Facebook & Twitter), People Power Chandler-Gilbert, and People Power Ajo. If you would like your People Power group listed here, get in touch!

Where can I find Know Your Rights information? 
You can find Know Your Rights information on this website. We are also happy to send you our wallet cards, which include Restore Your Voting Rights, Know Your Rights When Stopped by the Police, Know Your Rights at Protests and Demonstrations, Know Your Rights when Photographing or Videotaping, and Know Your Rights with FBI & Immigration Agents, if we have them in stock. Please contact us for more information.

Is there a local ACLU office in my area? 
The Arizona state ACLU affiliate is located in Phoenix and serves the whole state. Our staff travels around the state regularly to attend meetings and events. If you are holding a large People Power event in your area, please let us know.