The ACLU of Arizona receives hundreds of requests for help each month that we cannot accept.

See our Resources below for organizations that may be able to help you with a complaint. Please note that any content or links to these resources exist solely for informational purposes. The ACLU of Arizona does not promote or exclusively favor any of the listed resources, but instead mentions them as a neutral, separate third-party.

Click on the resource that may help you. 

  1. Arrested, Incarcerated, Formerly Incarcerated
  2. Consumer Issues
  3. Disability Law
  4. Education, Youth and Students
  5. Elected Officials – Federal, State, County, City
  6. Employment
  7. Families, Children, Seniors
  8. Free or Low-Cost Attorneys and Legal Assistance
  9. Freedom of Religion
  10. Freedom of Speech and the Press
  11. Government Agencies and Organizations
  12. Government and Military Benefits
  13. Homeless
  14. Immigration
  15. Law Enforcement
  16. LGBTQ, HIV and AIDS
  17. Public Records
  18. Reproductive and Women’s Rights, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault
  19. Voting