The following page provides resources for communities on a variety of legal issues, including your rights at border checkpoints, during police encounters or worksite raids.

This information is not legal advice. If you have been questioned, detained, or arrested by law enforcement, or believe that your rights have been violated, you should contact an attorney to get advice about your individual circumstances.

Many of the resources listed below are available in .pdf format. If you need the viewer for this file format, download: Adobe Acrobat Reader


  • Know Your Rights card; information on dealing with law enforcement (police, immigration, FBI agents)
  • Tus Derechos; información sobre cómo lidiar con la policía (policía, inmigración, agentes del FBI)





  • The ACLU of Arizona has issued a new report that explores felony disfranchisement laws in Arizona. Breaking Barriers to the Ballot is intended to provide a more comprehensive picture of the voting rights removal and restoration processes. In Arizona, an estimated 176,103 persons - most of whom have fully served their felony sentences - are barred from the polls. Read the executive summary.
  •  Download Voting Publications


  • Women's Jail Project: The Women’s Jail Project works to improve policies in Arizona jail systems related to women's health issues, including ensuring pregnant inmates have access to adequate prenatal care, protecting inmates’ right to abortion, and advocating for humane labor and delivery practices. Click here to learn more about the rights of pregnant inmates to healthcare in Arizona's jails and prisons. (En ESPAÑOL)
  • Download Women's Rights Publications

The Constitution of the United States of America:

Bill of Rights:

  • Click here for the First 10 Amendments to the Constitution
  • Click here for the 11th and Following Amendments

Arizona State Constitution: