Matthew (Matt) J. Korbeck




Retired National Security Agency employee

Member since


I support the ACLU because, as a former employee of the National Security Agency, I have specific knowledge of the awesome resources and capabilities of our nation’s intelligence agencies and the surveillance infrastructure they have at their disposal.  Unfortunately, some of the executives of our intelligence agencies, along with some of our elected officials, look upon the Constitution, and especially the Bill of Rights, as impediments to what they see as their mission to survey America whenever, wherever and however they deem appropriate. The ACLU’s efforts to rein in the abuses perpetrated by these many misguided individuals is the sharp point of the spear attempting to defeat those who would ignore the Constitution. The ACLU fights the good fight, has fought that fight for almost a century, and will continue that fight as long as there are officials who see nothing wrong with attacks on our civil liberties.