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  1. Our Justice System is Failing My Family

    November 14, 2017News updateSmart Justice
  2. Americans Overwhelmingly Support Prosecutorial Reform, Poll Finds

    December 12, 2017Press releaseSmart Justice
  3. To help rid our criminal justice system of racial bias, the Arizona Supreme Court should use the Arizona Constitution to end discriminatory jury selection

    March 16, 2018News updateSmart Justice, Racial Justice
  4. Elected Prosecutor Barbara LaWall asks us to “cease and desist” from talking about her support for a bill that would throw drug addicts into prison. Here’s why we won’t.

    March 28, 2018News updateSmart Justice
  5. The ACLU of Arizona takes a stand for incarcerated mothers. Because when a mother is imprisoned, her entire family suffers.

    May 14, 2018News updateSmart Justice
  6. We're fighting for a smart criminal justice system in Arizona. And there's an easy way you can get involved.

    June 5, 2018News updateRacial Justice, Smart Justice
  7. Advocates Urge Arizona Speaker Mesnard to Reinstate the Study Committee on Criminal Justice Reform

    June 20, 2018Press releaseSmart Justice
  8. ACLU of Arizona members talk criminal justice reform with Senator Cory Booker

    June 26, 2018News updateSmart Justice
  9. Arizona Officials Say It’s Unsafe for People in Prison to Read About Race and Criminal Justice. They're Wrong.

    May 16, 2019News updateSmart Justice
  10. ACLU of Arizona Sues Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery for Access to Public Records

    May 22, 2019Press releaseSmart Justice