Campaign Manager for Smart Justice



Rubén Lucio Palomares Jr. joins the ACLU of Arizona as the Campaign Manager for Smart Justice. Prior to joining the ACLU, Rubén ran the national field operations of Fed Up: The National Campaign for a Strong Economy, as Field Director, at the Center for Popular Democracy. Fed Up is a national economic justice campaign dedicated to elevating the voice of low-income communities of color for full employment, rising wages, and a more accountable Federal Reserve.

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Rubén comes from a grassroots organizing background and has been involved in various campaigns to combat the criminalization of migrant communities including opposition work against prop 200, prop 300, SB1070 and former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Rubén’s previous work also includes youth empowerment and helping marginalized communities access resources. Through various roles, Rubén has helped teenagers transition out of the foster care system, created internship programs for at-risk youth, and led initiatives to help non-English speakers access city programs.

Rubén is a graduate of Columbia University School of Social Work and was a Policy Fellow at the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), where he worked to shift New York's drug policy from a criminal justice to a public health and safety approach. Rubén is also a proud alumnus of the Coro Fellows in Public Affairs in Southern California, Class of 2013.