April 23, 2015 - Policy Instituted in February to Withhold Joint Licenses from Same-Sex Married Couples Violated the Constitution
April 20, 2015 - A contempt hearing is set to begin tomorrow, April 21, to address the Maricopa County Sheriff Office’s (MCSO) noncompliance with a federal judge’s orders in the lawsuit Ortega Melendres v. Arpaio.
Today, Gov. Doug Ducey vetoed SB 1445, a bill that would have required law enforcement agencies to conceal police officers’ identities for months...
Case against Monica Jones Dismissed!
Feb. 11, 2015 - Disclosure of Records Related to Abuse and Mistreatment of Children in the Custody of U.S. Border Patrol Sought
Jan. 22, 2015 -- ACLU of Arizona Calls on Gov. Ducey to Leave His Predecessor’s Divisive Policies Behind
Jan. 5, 2015 - Injunction Granted in Puente v. Arpaio
Dec. 18, 2014 - Judgment Based on Officers’ Use of SB 1070 “Show Me Your Papers” Law
Dec. 18, 2014 - Plaintiffs Continue Court Case to Seek Immediate and Permanent Relief Against Workplace Raids
Dec. 17, 2014 - High Court Rules that DREAMers can Apply for Licenses Pending its Review of State’s Appeal Request
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