The Bill of Rights covers all Americans, including suspects, defendants, offenders and prisoners. All too often, the rights of those involved in the criminal justice system are compromised or ignored. The ACLU is working to reform the criminal justice system and make the promise of fair treatment a reality for all people.
The American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona today released a report based on Arizona law enforcement data on Taser usage – the first of its kind in the state – revealing that the weapons have not reduced the use of lethal force, and that departments across the state provide inadequate guidance to officers about whether Tasers can or should be used against pregnant women, children and the elderly, as well as on those not presenting a threat.
In a time when states are laying off school teachers and firefighters, cities and counties are locking up people who can't pay legal fees, at costs that exceed the actual amount owed. The aggressive pursuit of defendants who do not pay legal fees seems like a good idea to cash-strapped states, but when that defendant is poor, it's taxpayers who end up paying.  
PHOENIX  –  Saying Arizona’s prison policies have led to high incarceration rates and government misspending, local prison reform advocates are urging community members to participate in a public dialogue on July 11 in Tucson on how to reduce crime and save taxpayer dollars.
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