Our individual rights and civil liberties are being questioned as never before. Our basic freedoms are under attack both in Washington and in Arizona. The ACLU stands as a beacon to those who are being discriminated against and threatened. That is why I support the ACLU of Arizona.

—Jeffrey L. Zonis, President JLZ Associates

My name is Matthew Korbeck and I support the ACLU. If the ACLU did not exist today, we would have to invent it, and quickly. The 4th Amendment says we are to be secure in our persons, houses, papers and effects. We’re not. Information we share whether through email, telephone calls or files is frequently unprotected. The protections afforded by the Constitution and specifically by the 4th Amendment can neither be taken for granted nor can those protections defend themselves.  We, the people, must defend those protections and our best defense rests with the ACLU and its long history of reasoned and constitutionally-based activism.

—Matt Korbeck Sales Manager, Telecommunications Equipment

I have been a member of the ACLU since 1971. I believe the ACLU is a vital force in protecting our rights — those rights that make us Americans and make us feel good about being Americans. To me Dan Frazier's "Bush Lied" shirt is a symbol of
freedom of speech.

—Marjorie Sinton, Retired Medical Technologist

Fifty years ago, my wife Jean and I decided to form a chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union in Arizona. In the years since 1958, it has become the pre-eminent champion of the Bill of Rights in Arizona. Despite the many obstacles and rough times, our faith in its mission and courage has never wavered.

—Cornelius Steelink, Retired Professor, Tucson, AZ

I've been a card-carrying member of the ACLU since ‘Berkeley in the sixties’ and a member in thought, if not action, long before that. Why? Because I believe in fighting for what is right, supporting those who need it and making sure that justice is done, not simply that the letter of the law is followed. With all due respect to Mr. Justice Holmes' statement that ‘This is a court of law... not a court of justice,’ there are many times when the priority of law over justice needs to be reversed. The law should serve justice. The ACLU promotes this, and for that reason I am proud to support it.

—Joseph Heller, Retired Professor

I support the ACLU because the ACLU was there for us, as high school seniors, when we needed First Amendment advocates. It was back in Kansas, in 1972, when we launched “underground” newspapers to protest the policies of two different authority figures in our lives: President Richard Nixon, whose secret plan for peace in Vietnam had proven to be a wider war, and our high school principal, W.R. (“Bob”) Johnson, who banned the distribution of any written materials on campus that hadn’t received his prior approval. While we knew the Daily Android and Free Press might not appeal to everyone, we sensed our constitutional right to distribute these papers had been violated by the principal’s edict. One call to the ACLU armed us with learned counsel, who revived our faith in the legal system and helped restore our First Amendment rights. I also support the ACLU because it’s there for us today, in Arizona, to protect the rights and liberties we cherish — because all of us have a stake in the protection of the constitutional rights of our neighbors, however distant their backgrounds, lodgings or views may seem.

—David Bodney, Partner in the Phoenix office of Steptoe & Johnson, LLP, and lead counsel in the federal racial-profiling action against Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The Civil Rights movement, though focused on the lack of protections for Blacks, incorporated all peoples in its focus. While things may be better, not all the civil and human rights needs of Arizona’s people are met. I believe the voice for those who face discrimination is the ACLU of Arizona. Being a member has already taught me the price of perseverance, the importance of passion and intelligence when needed to use the law as it was meant to be used – as protections for all; also, the importance of open, intelligent, impassioned debate. The ACLU acts as our common consciousness, our local advocates for justice and our global representatives for social change. I’m proud to be a member and hope others will follow suit.

—RJ Shannon, ACLU-AZ Board Member

I support the ACLU because I am concerned about the erosion of our Constitution and I’ve always been fiercely protective of people’s civil rights. I’m a secular Humanist. I support religious freedom for everyone, including my right to freedom from religion. I’ve been an ACLU ‘card carrier’ for years and largely supported the cause through donations. Now that I’m retired, I’m donating not only money, but more importantly I’m spending my time, energy and passion to the struggle for individual rights. At the end of the day, nothing lifts your spirits like the feeling of “giving back”. I know that when men like Russell Pearce loathe the ACLU, I've joined the right organization.

—Anne Mardick, Scottsdale Retired telecommunications professional turned full-time civil rights/Humanist activist